PJ Masks: Adventure on Hanna-Barbera Planet is a 2020 American computer-animated comedy family film based on the French-Canadian computer-animated TV show "PJ Masks" created by Romuald Racioppo and all the cartoons created by Hanna-Barbera Productions.

The film was produced by Illumination, Entertainment One, Frog Box Productions, Turner Entertainment and New Line Cinema, and was released in cinemas on July 29, 2020, by Universal Pictures. The film received positive reviews from critics and grossed nine billion dollars at the worldwide box office.


•Jacob Ewaniuk as Catboy, a young boy who wears a blue, stripy cat suit that gives him superpowers. He is also the leader of the PJ Masks and the main protagonist of the film.

•Addison Holley as Owlette, a young girl who wears a red-and-pink owl suit that gives her superpowers. She is also the only female member of the PJ Masks.

•Kyle Harrison Bretikopf as Gekko, a young boy who wears a gecko suit that gives him superpowers. He is also the youngest member of the PJ Masks.

•Neil Fanning as Scooby-Doo, a goofy, often-napping, always snacking, anthropomorphic Great Dane who is also Shaggy Rogers's pet dog.

•Matthew Lillard as Shaggy Rogers, an always snacking, hippie-like teenage boy who is also Scooby-Doo's owner and best friend.

•John Goodman as Fleegle, a kind-hearted, goofy, anthropomorphic beige beagle who has a long tongue that gives him a lisp and dark brown ears and wears a red helmet and red bowtie.

•Eric Bauza as Bingo, a friendly, happy, anthropomorphic Sumatran orangutan who wears a red helmet, white sunglasses, a yellow, buttoned waistcoat with brownish orange stripes and brown shoes with black laces and he always pulls a toothy grin, except when he is feeling scared or other negative emotions.

•Tracy Morgan as Drooper, a kind, mischievous, anthropomorphic Asiatic lion who wears a red helmet and yellow sunglasses.

•Joseph Barbera, Don Messick (both through archival voice recordings) and Dee Bradley Baker as Snorky, a gentle, kind, anthropomorphic African elephant who wears a green, buttoned waistcoat with yellow stripes and a red helmet and, unlike the other three members of the Banana Splits, does not talk at all but can communicate through honking sounds.

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